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Strive to seek, To find and to Excel.


Together we achieve the extra-ordinary

Why Choose K.G.H.S?

The legacy of Christian education at K.G.H.S is as important as the knowledge imparted to our learners. It is the development of a deep and abiding sense of faith, the realization of the value of moral character and the inspirational life-long journey of learning which inspires our school community. — The Director

Our Christ-centered environment encourages  the spiritual development of our students, offers them the opportunity to excel in academics, and fosters the development of character and a sense of community responsibility. Our graduating students are continually placed in the top high schools of their choices. We welcome new families to our School and look forward to a shared partnership as we work toward the noble  goal of providing academic excellence in a faith-filled environment.

Our Vision

To produce respecting, pro-active and knowledgeable learners, built on a firm foundation for high academic, technical, ethical and moral values meeting international standards

Explanation of Vision Statement

Exemplary God fearing schools challenging learners. All learners achieving success in a comprehensive educational program Supporting learners centered schools. Diversity enhancing every program Preparing students for their next pursuit. Enhancing partnerships between schools, parents, communities, their Leadership with an International outlook.

Our Mission

To inspire students to become independent, God fearing, lifelong learners, and productive citizens of a global society.

Explanation of Mission Statement

Student centred
Unmatched customer service
Professional development
Parents and Partnerships
Ownership of assessments
Resource allocation
Technology infusion


School improvement
Unique opportunities
Curriculum/Instructional support
Educational leadership
Specialized educational services
Safety and security